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Learn Simple Tricks to Play Rummy and Win Big

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Rummy is a game of fun and a game where you can earn. Through some simple tricks, you can succeed in your games and hone up the strategies for tournaments.

Of course, your tricks should be to the point. You can always check online for the strategies and tricks you can upgrade your sleeves.

Now, rummy requires patience as well as fast moves to make sure that your opponent doesn’t find out your next trick.

Hence, you’ll need proper sneaky strategies that no one can find out. These following tricks can help out newcomers as well as old players to practice their skills better when they play rummy apk download:

Simple Tricks for Rummy Players

Discard HeavyCards

At the end of a game, if you lose the total point numbers you have at hand becomes your losing points.

Hence, letting go of high-point cards is a must. Cards such as Jack, king, Queen, and Ace are perfect cards to discard during the initial stages.

By doing so, you also make sure your opponent does not have much to pick from the open deck.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful about the cards to discard. Now if you have a joker at hand along with some point-heavy card, you can use it to make a second sequence thus minimizing the overall points.

Doing so eases out the points even if you lose.

Use the Joker

Most card games require the joker card. And if you’re the lucky player with the card, you’re in for a treat.

Although the joker is useless for a pure sequence, it can be of utility for the second sequence.

As the joker helps to substitute a card you don’t have to form a complete sequence, you can utilize the joker card to complete it.

Doing so helps to complete your sets and sequence before everyone else.

Trick the Opponent

Of all the tricks you have under your sleeve, fooling an opponent would be the most entertaining.

Of course, you should be sneaky about your ways.

For example, if you have 10 of the suits and 1, 9 of spade, discard the latter.

The opponent might misinterpret your move and proceed to discard a 10 of spade from his hand.

By doing so, he helps you complete your pure sequence.

Another way would be to discard some bottom-heavy cards. Doing so lessens the opponent’s chances to draw meaningful cards for their sequence.

Tricking is a sure-shot way of winning by having your opponent have lesser cards in hand.

Playing Platform

You can either play from your desktop for you to play rummy game download. You’ll have to make sure that the file is compatible with your Windows as well as the system hardware.

You can download directly by running the file on your desktop and installing the game.


Winning big has never been more fun, especially when you can invite in the casino feels through online rummy games. Here, you get to play with veteran rummy gamers as well as interesting strategists who can teach you a thing or two.

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